FXM Photography | About
My name is Flavio X. Martins and I am a portrait photographer in West Palm Beach, FL. My passion is photographing people. My goal is to capture images that will make my subjects proud to share with others. I also enjoy sharing my passion and knowledge with others. I currently teach lighting techniques through this local Meetup group.

I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where I lived until the age of 10. At the age of 13, I found myself in Tampa,FL here in the United States after a short 3 year residency near London, England. I got into photography very early through my dad, who was a serious hobbyist and would take me into his darkroom back in Brazil as he developed his black and white images. He taught me the basics and gave me my first SLR, a canon FTb all manual camera.

With that camera I started learning the art of capturing images on film. Later I upgraded to the excellent canon A1E andthat camera stayed with me until I got my first digital camera in 2004. That camera was the Nikon D70s. This camera was the perfect tool to enter the digital world. Today I shoot with a Nikon D300s as my main camera, but that D70s is still in my camera bag as a trusty backup.